Wednesday, March 10, 2010

4 months

Our baby boys are growing so big these days. I cannot believe that 1/3 of their first year has already passed. It feels like we brought them home from the hospital yesterday.

They are so much fun. I just love waking up to their smiles and giggles. It makes me feel so blessed to be their mommy.

The boys have started to pay attention to one another more. They like to grab each others hands now that they can hold onto things. They smile at one another almost as much as they smile at me and Joel.

Nat is starting to push up onto his arms while doing tummy time. He will also "stand" all day long if you give him the support. He is extremely active. He loves to flirt with himself in the mirror. He giggles and coos, smiles, and waves his hands in the air. Once while I was holding him in front of the bathroom mirror, he spit up. It gave him quite the scare to see the cute baby with stuff dripping out of his mouth.

Gabe is as sweet as ever. He is still so easy going, and a very happy baby. He tends to have a very sensitive tummy like his mommy, so a tummy ache is one of the very few things that will make him upset. He has been in Physical Therapy for his torticollis, and will be getting a cranial cap in the next few months for his plagiocephaly. In essence, he has a twisted neck and irregular shaped head due to the position while I was pregnant.Poor Gabe was squashed into my pelvis unable to move his little head and neck around. His physical therapist thinks he has been doing extremely well. We have seen dramatic improvements in his range of motion.

I am looking very forward to Spring. We have managed to get out on a few walks on a couple of warmer days that we have had. The boys really seem to enjoy looking around at the world around them. I was getting stir crazy today so I headed out the Mall of America. I forget what a sight twins can be. We were stopped at least 10 times to talk about "twins" in the few hours we were there. I don't usually mind, but sometimes a girl just wants to shop!

Nat practicing his sitting skills

Gabe and Daddy

Cuddling brothers