Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Such a wonderful big brother

Double time-out. Yikes!

Grandma and her big boys

Daddy and Benjamin in his Great Grandpa's Baptismal gown

My newest little man

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Piglet has Arrived

Piglet is here!

Benjamin Clay was born on Friday, April 13th. He was a whopping 8 lbs 7 oz, and 20 inches long at 37 weeks gestation. I wonder how big he would have gotten had we made it to, or even passed the due date?!
He is absolutely perfect in every way. Healthy, active, a wonderful sleeper,an  even better eater.
I think he looks quite a lot like daddy, except with his mama's dimples. My boys are going to be lady killers with those dimples...
The adjustment to a 3rd child has gone extremely well so far, but ask me again how I am feeling next week when Joel heads back to work and I am on my own- 3 against 1.
My big boys LOVE their baby brother. There are mini arguments as to who gets to hold him. They tell me every time they see him how "cute" they think he is. They point out his "teeny tiny" fingers, toes, ears, and  smother him with kisses and caresses while holding him on the couch. I am so proud of how well they have done with this major life change.
I suppose it's easier to adjust to sharing your mama and daddy when it is what you have done your whole life.

How is having one baby as compared to having two? A piece of cake. Honestly.
Only one baby to change, one baby to feed, one baby screaming in the middle of the night.
It's so nice.
It's a bit like how my pregnancy went.
Being pregnant with this little man was a breeze compared to carrying his big brothers.
Ironically, the day I went in to labor I had been asked how I was feeling. My response was something along the lines of "I feel so good that I could be pregnant for another month or two and have no issue with it."  Benji had other plans though.

The delivery could not have gone more perfect. I got my VBAC and the birth that I had hoped for. Someday soon I'd like to have it written, so I don't forget the details.
We feel extremely blessed right now. We have 3 healthy kids and an enormous amount of love and support surrounding us. It couldn't get much better.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Sweet Baby Piglet

I am up to weekly biophysical profiles and twice weekly nonstress tests with OB visits. This insulin contolled GD, even if only for fasting numbers, is some serious business.

I'd love to experience a non high risk pregnancy!

Lucky for me, this baby decided to nap midway through the ultrasound, so the tech couldn't get the pictures she needed at the time. She was sweet enough to try and capture baby's face on 3D while we waited.

Look at our chunky monkey! Chubby cheeks and all.

Those are legs next to the face. We could have gotten a better picture but baby kept hiding behind it's feet.

Right now we've got a frank breech baby. I have about 3 weeks to lure baby into vertex before I get paranoid and obsessive.

Bring on the inversions, bags of frozen peas and flashlight.

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