Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Sweet Baby Piglet

I am up to weekly biophysical profiles and twice weekly nonstress tests with OB visits. This insulin contolled GD, even if only for fasting numbers, is some serious business.

I'd love to experience a non high risk pregnancy!

Lucky for me, this baby decided to nap midway through the ultrasound, so the tech couldn't get the pictures she needed at the time. She was sweet enough to try and capture baby's face on 3D while we waited.

Look at our chunky monkey! Chubby cheeks and all.

Those are legs next to the face. We could have gotten a better picture but baby kept hiding behind it's feet.

Right now we've got a frank breech baby. I have about 3 weeks to lure baby into vertex before I get paranoid and obsessive.

Bring on the inversions, bags of frozen peas and flashlight.

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  1. That is probably the most clearest 3D pic I have seen in a very long while. So gorgeous!