Wednesday, September 30, 2009


I had a feeling something was up. I haven't been feeling that great for the past week or so. My Braxton Hicks contractions have been coming like crazy, almost anything I do will cause them. Walking, rolling over, bending, twisting, anything and BAM! there they are. Two days ago I started having more menstrual type cramping. I haven't been able to time any of these, they don't come in a pattern.
Last night, while at work, I was pretty sure that (WARNING: TMI) I had lost part of my mucous plug. Again, I wasn't too concerned since there was no blood or anything.

I had a doctors appointment today, and while the boys are looking fabulous and growing big, my cervix is changing. It has started to shorten and dilate. My doctor sent me to the hospital to monitor my contractions. I was contracting and my uterus is "irritable." Not sure what an irritable uterus is,exactly, but to me it just looked like a bunch of little squiggles in addition to the larger contractions on the monitor printout. They gave me a shot of Terbutaline to stop the contractions and it seems to have worked for now.

I will return to the hospital tomorrow for the fetal fibronectin test.
If it comes back positive then my body is preparing for labor and I will likely have the boys in the next two weeks. I would be on bedrest and need steroid shots to speed up the lung development of the babies. If the result is negative then we are in the clear for a few more weeks.

Please pray for us right now. It's too early for these babies to be born.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

30 weeks

I am finally in the 30's! Looking back this pregnancy seems to have flown by, but each day as I get closer to the end seems to be moving really slowly.
Last week was great. We had more good news from the doctor on Friday. I am still doing a good job carrying these boys and I still have no signs of preterm labor. The swelling, aches and pains have started in on me. And although we are shooting for keeping these guys in until at least 36 weeks, I am really looking forward to the day that I get to meet them. I am counting down the weeks and days.
Baby B is still transverse and Baby A is still vertex. I'm interested to see what my doctor says about me attempting a vaginal delivery. They don't have much more space to move around, and most doctors agree that the position that twins are in at 30 weeks is likely the way they will stay for the remainder of the pregnancy. We'll see, they may defy the odds and Baby B may manage to work is way head down, but I don't really see how considering that his brother's legs and feet are in the way.

My sister threw me a beautiful baby shower on Sunday, with the help of my bff and my mom! It was so wonderful getting to see all sorts of family and friends. My sister-in-law and mother-in-law even made the drive all the way from Wisconsin to help celebrate! We received such great things. Our nursery is packed full of baby items.
I think the shower shocked Joel into the realization that these boys will be arriving soon. He has been helping me organize and has made a list of all sorts of projects that he wants to accomplish. He started working on them the day after the shower. Before he goes to work, or after he comes home he is working on finishing the nursery or sorting through the items in the spare bedroom. He's doing a great job!!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Another great appointment!

I got the results of my 3 hr. glucose tolerance test back and everything looks normal.
Thank goodness! I was going to be really crabby if I had GD since I have been doing a good job of eating right and remaining active throughout this pregnancy.

We had the long overdue ultrasound this afternoon and the boys are looking wonderful. Good heartbeats -150 and 164 bpm. Their amniotic fluid levels look great, and they are measuring wonderfully! They are both still measuring ahead, and they both have nice big heads (32 weeks big). Their estimated weights right now are 3lb 8oz, and 3lb 10oz! I was thinking they were still in the 2 pound range, so it was surprising to hear how large they are.
What's shocking is the realization that I am now carrying about 7 lbs of baby(ies) around.
No wonder I have been feeling so sluggish lately! Only a few months left...

Saturday, September 12, 2009


I managed to get through my glucose tolerance test without vomiting. I wasn't sure I was going to make it through the first hour. But as each hour passed I felt better and better. Except for the last 45 minutes when I was ridiculously hungry,thirsty, kept burping orange glucose drink, and had the worst heartburn of my life. The minute after I got my last blood draw I chowed down on a Kashi trail mix bar, downed a bottle of water, and had two Tums.
I was lucky enough to be allowed to leave the clinic during each hour, so I headed over to Target during one session, and I got my toenails repainted during another. I had to make this best of my day off! Target is always known to cheer me up.
I'll get the results of my test on Monday, since the clinic is closed over the weekend.
I will also get to have another u/s, finally!
I was supposed to have this one 2 weeks ago, but the u/s tech had a death in her family, so it was rescheduled for the following week. Then they had to reschedule the new appointment since the funeral landed on the same day and the tech wouldn't be in. Somehow they thought they had contacted me to reschedule, but they never did. I was finally able to get in on Monday.
I hope that Baby B is starting to move into a head down position. Baby A is ready to go, so we're just waiting on Baby B to cooperate with us so we can attempt a vaginal delivery.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Belly Shots

27 weeks

28 weeks

I'm hoping for some good ultrasound pictures tomorrow! I'm also hoping that I pass my GTT!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Appointment. Update

Everything looks fine for the most part. There are still no cervical changes. The boys heart rates are good. My blood pressure is normal. My weight gain is right on track.
I am measuring 36 weeks, just like I figured I would.
I did the one hour oral glucose tolerance test and failed it. I'll have to do the three hour test now.
I scheduled it next Friday morning before my u/s. Joel told me that he will be there for the ultrasound, but has no intentions of hanging out with me all morning at the clinic. What a poop.
I'll be bringing in a good book to keep me entertained. Target is right across the street. Maybe they'll let me leave to do some shopping.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

27 weeks

I am now 27 weeks, and I am finishing out my last week in the second trimester.
I cannot believe that I'll soon be in the third tri!
My belly is continuing to grow steadily. I'll find out my actual measurement tomorrow at my appointment, but I am assuming that I'll continue my pattern and measure 9 weeks ahead- so 36 weeks .
My stomach is starting to feel like it can't grow any larger, and my skin feels like it is going to snap if is stretches anymore, yet I have between 9 and 11 more weeks to go.
I get many comments "Looks like you've finally popped!", "You're tiny for twins", "You are all belly".
Yes, I do seem to be carrying these boys well, at least for now. I'm just frightened of how I will feel once I start measuring 43, 44, and 45 weeks.

I am definitely running low on energy these days. My body is getting sore and the swelling is starting to kick in. I am experiencing serious pressure from Baby A who is laying low in my pelvis, yet it's hard to breathe with Baby B crammed up under my ribs. I just can't seem to win. I'm hoping that someday soon they will finally decide they are uncomfortable in their positions and each pick a side to lay on, rather than top and bottom.

I told my current employer my work intentions after having these babies. It is just not going to work out for me to return to my current position since Joel also works evenings. Finding affordable, evening childcare for twins would be ridiculous, as well as not financially feasible. I would probably lose money by continuing to work. Joel has found a second job, and he will be the bread winner for our family.
I intend to stay through the end of October, although things may change if I need to go on bed rest, or if I get too uncomfortable.

I have another appointment tomorrow afternoon. I'm expecting that everything will check out okay. We were suppose to have an ultrasound tomorrow, but they had to reschedule it for next week. It will just be a boring, standard appointment except for the 1 hour glucose test. I am hoping that I have avoided the GD.

On that note, I am off to bed. The boys are kicking up a storm which usually means it's past my bedtime. They tell me when it's time for bed, and kick me in the morning to wake me up. They have already taken over my life ;-)